Electric Golf Trolleys For Sale

Electric Golf Trolleys For Sale

A quality electric golf trolley for sale can make all the difference to your game, enabling you to conserve energy for your swings and giving you the freedom to walk more of the course. If you’re considering investing in an electric golf cart, you’ll be delighted to learn that there are options to suit any budget from top brands such as Motocaddy and Powakaddy.

If you’re considering buying a new electric trolley, there are a few things to consider before making your decision. First and foremost, it’s important to decide how many extra features you’re looking for. A few examples of common extras include a scorecard or beverage holder and GPS integration. It’s also worth assessing your playing environment as some models are better suited to flat courses while others are built for use on more challenging terrain.

Swing Smart, Walk Smart: Choosing the Right Electric Golf Trolley for Your Game

For example, if you’re planning on using your electric trolley at golf courses with hilly inclines, you may want to opt for a model that has a ‘Q Follow’ function to help you navigate the more difficult parts of the course. The Galaxy Titan titanium golf caddy from Cart Tek is a great choice in this regard, as it will follow your pace from a safe distance and can stop or start as needed.

Another excellent option is the new i2 from Motocaddy. This trolley has a stylish, compact design that folds down to take up very little space in your car or garage. It also has a simple, ergonomic remote control handset that is easy to operate and can move your trolley forwards, left, or right. It even has an anti-tip rear wheel and an automatic downhill control function to keep you in full control.

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