Zebra Crossing Design

Zebra Crossing Design

zebra crossing design

We all use zebra crossings every day but have you ever wondered about their history and how they came to be the way they are? Zebra crossings are a special type of pedestrian crossing that give the pedestrian permanent right of way. They are usually black and white and have stripes which indicate to drivers that pedestrians are about to cross the road.

If you want to cross the road at a zebra crossing design, always make sure you have enough time to do so safely and remember that vehicles may not be able to stop immediately if there are traffic queues in front of them. You should also keep looking both ways and listening in case a driver or rider doesn’t see you and attempts to overtake. It is recommended that zebra crossings be positioned away from roundabouts (kerbed and mini) although this can’t always be achieved.

Zebra Crossings: The Art and Science of Safe Pedestrian Crossings

There are a number of areas in our city where the provision of Zebra crossings could be improved. This includes the three main market centers in Kotokuraba, Abura and Anafo as well as along the major commercial streets. There are also many retail parks where there are no zebra crossings or they are poorly laid out. These sites are often privately owned and operated by car-borne businesses who seem to think of pedestrians as an afterthought. It is important that pedestrians have access to safe crossing points wherever they are in the city and it would be helpful if local authorities and private developers were more considerate of this requirement as part of new-build development.

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