Why You Need a Pool Inspection in Melbourne

Why You Need a Pool Inspection in Melbourne

On 1 December 2019, new laws to improve swimming pool and spa safety in Victoria came into effect. These laws require owners of property with a swimming pool or spa to register their pool or spa and to have their safety barrier (fence) inspected. If the barrier is not compliant, owners must make it compliant and lodge a certificate of barrier compliance with their local council.

How often do pools need to be inspected in Victoria?

A pool fence inspection in Melbourne is a vital part of swimming pool and spa safety. They are conducted by qualified inspectors who can detect any gaps or other hazards that could put people in the pool area at risk. URL : https://www.poolsafetycheck.net.au/

During the pool safety inspection, the inspector will assess the physical barrier around your pool and provide a detailed report of their findings. This report can serve as a guide for the necessary repairs or upgrades needed to bring your pool fence up to code.

Your home’s pool barrier may need to be inspected more than once before it is certified as compliant. This is because if the inspector finds any problems, they will advise you of the matters which must be addressed to bring the barrier into compliance. They will also provide you with a date and time to reinspect the barrier.

Tom Richards at VPCI (aka Vic Pool Compliance Inspections) is an accredited pool fence inspector and registered practitioner with the Victorian Building Authority, licence number IN-PS 71729. He will come to your home, at a mutually convenient date and time, complete the inspection and issue you with a Form 23 Compliance Certificate.

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