What to Say When Blowing Cinnamon on the First Day of the Month

What to Say When Blowing Cinnamon on the First Day of the Month

What to say when blowing cinnamon seen your friend do it in their TikTok video, but the ritual of blowing cinnamon on the first day of the month is actually centuries old. It’s believed that this practice, which is intended to promote abundance and success, can be very effective if done correctly.

It’s recommended to start the ritual in a place that feels sacred to you, like your home or perhaps a special grove of trees outside of your property. This will help to set the intention that you’re about to engage in this practice, which will then be reinforced by your actions as you move forward with it. Ideally, you’ll speak your intentions out loud as well (though this isn’t mandatory if it doesn’t feel right for you), because it amplifies them. It’s also recommended to choose an abundance mantra that speaks to you, which can be easily found online or crafted by yourself if you prefer.

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Once you have your space set, take about a tablespoon of ground cinnamon into the palm of your nondominant hand, and walk outside your front door, leaving it open, and start to blow the powder from the outside into the house. Then, go around your entire home, blowing the cinnamon into every room as you go, and imagining that it’s filling it with golden light and positive energy. It’s important to not sweep up the cinnamon, however, if you want the positivity and prosperity that you’re trying to attract to stick around.

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