What Exactly Are Property Conveyancers?

What Exactly Are Property Conveyancers?

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In most instances, the services of a licensed professional land and property conveyancer are indispensable when putting together a selling and buying plan. The reason for this is fairly obvious: buyers and sellers are not only competing for the same property, they are also dealing with entirely different legal systems. Buyers and sellers will each have their own individual local solicitors, their own solicitors, who will be responsible for taking care of the entire transaction, not just the legwork necessary to complete a sale. In the UK, sellers will hire solicitors called conveyancers; in the US, buyers will do the same. So it stands to reason that hiring a conveyancing solicitor is essential.


The difference between the two is even more clear in the context of the property conveyancers’ fees. In the UK, these fees are included in the contract of sale, meaning that they are disclosed up front at the time of agreement. For both buyers and sellers, this fee must be paid within a few days after closing. In the US, the buyer or seller may withhold the fee until after a certain amount of time has passed, called the waiting period; however, if the lawyer for either party agrees, the fee can then be paid immediately.


So why do we need a licensed professional land and property conveyancer? Simply because the job is much too complex to handle by an inexperienced person. Not only will inexperienced people miss important deadlines, but they might also sign documents which are not legally binding. On top of that, the paperwork involved in selling property can be daunting for even the most organized of us. Therefore, when we pay out thousands of pounds to someone who claims he or she is the best person to do the job, we can be confident that the end result will be a successful transaction which satisfies all of our needs, both financially and legally.

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