The Canada Cannabis Dispensary

The Canada Cannabis Dispensary

Since legalization, the number of canadacannabisdispensary retail outlets has exploded across most regions. The share of people living within a given distance from a store has also increased. In March 2019, about 35% of Canadians lived within 10 km of a legal marijuana outlet, but by July this had climbed to 70% in Alberta and 46% in British Columbia, as stores opened at a fast rate.

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The total and per-capita sales values in each region are related to a number of factors including the administrative and operational steps that must be taken to open and operate a new store, competition from illicit sources of cannabis, population and store density, disruptions in the supply chain, demographic and income factors, and differences in regulatory approaches pursued by regional governments.

When consumers are asked to identify barriers to legal purchasing, price and inconvenience are often cited. Consumers who use cannabis daily or almost every day were more likely to report these as barriers compared with those who use it less frequently. In both years, Canadians reported a higher prevalence of inconvenience than Americans did.

While public consumption of cannabis in a coffee shop or lounge is currently permitted in Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba, it’s still illegal to do so in other places where smoking tobacco is already banned, such as parks and sporting fields, and children are present. It’s also against the law to smoke cannabis while driving or riding in a vehicle and while working for the government, such as in schools and hospitals.

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