Pubs For Lease In The Pub Sector In Aberdeen

Pubs For Lease In The Pub Sector In Aberdeen

Looking for pubs for rent in Aberdeen? The Mains Pub is available, the oldest of the pubs for lease in Aberdeen. The famous watering hole has hosted dignitaries from around the world including William Beveridge, John Major and even the Queen Mother. The Mains was built in 1874 and it is a Grade I listed building. It is open to visitors from March to October.

What Is Pubs For Lease In The Pub Sector In Aberdeen And How Does It Work?

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The Old Post Office on Dalhousie Street is a Grade I listed building and is home to a busy supermarket, the Theatre Royal and a multitude of other retailers. If pubs for lease in Aberdeen are your ideal choice, then you will not have a difficult time finding them. They are easily accessible from the airport and they have a wide range of pubs to suit all tastes and budgets. Some of the most popular ones include the Bell-in-hand, the Bannerstaff, the Lion and the Temptations, the Red Sheets and the White Horse.

In terms of costs, the cheapest pubs for lease in the city are usually the draughty and darkly lit Shankhill. However, the best pubs are often those that are less than a mile away from the railway station and the central part of town. If you prefer a more peaceful pub environment, then consider going for the Bootleggers or the Grampians. For some of the more family-friendly pubs, then look at the Dickman’s Pub or the Plockton Arms. If you are looking for the local flavor, then you may want to look for the St. Giles’ Pub or the Anchor Inn. These pubs for lease in Aberdeen will surely give you the experience you are looking for.

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