Portable Toilet Rental Company In Ohio

Portable Toilet Rental Company In Ohio

Portable Toilet Rental Company In Ohio

For contractors, homeowners, and event organizers alike, Miller Portables solutions are a game-changing addition to any construction or outdoor gathering. These toilets allow you to get the job done and keep everything running smoothly – no stopping for bathroom breaks, no leaving the project to find a public restroom.

Luxury Portable Toilets for Weddings and Special Occasions

Standard porta potty rentals are typically rented out for a day, a weekend, or a week at a time. Depending on the number of units you rent and how long you keep them, your overall cost will vary slightly. In order to get an accurate price quote, it’s best to contact a local company and request a free estimate.

Aside from the initial set-up, the cost of renting a porta potty will depend on how often you plan to have it cleaned and restocked with toilet paper and other necessities. Typically, a cleaning and refill schedule will be specified in your contract. The more usage the unit gets, the more frequent it will need to be cleaned. On average, most companies will clean their portable toilets once a day or twice during the warmer months.

For an added level of hygiene and comfort, ASAP Site Services offers a line of deluxe porta potties. These units feature flushable toilets and a sink in one container, mimicking the luxury of indoor facilities. These units are ideal for upscale events, weddings, or movie sets. They’re also perfect for long-term construction projects that require high-quality sanitation solutions.

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