Organic Shroom Canada

Organic Shroom Canada

The slender, orange-brown mushrooms that make up the magic mushroom (psilocybe muscaria) plant contain a hallucinogen called psilocybin, and are compared to LSD and mescaline. They’re known to cause a high that can result in “flashbacks,” anxiety, muscle twitches and nausea. The fungi have long been illegal in Canada, but since a recent court ruling threw out the charge of possession, picking and selling the psychedelic mushrooms are now legal. This link

Organic Shroom Canada is one of the few companies in the country that legally sells psilocybin-containing products. It offers a wide variety of mushrooms, gummies and chocolate bars. But the company’s business model raises ethical, legal and quality concerns.

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Going Green: The Sustainable Practices Behind Organic Shroom Canada’s Mushroom Cultivation

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Company Overview

Organic Shroom is based in Calgary. The company’s products include a variety of organic shrooms and psilocybin-containing gummies and chocolate.

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