Long Nose Dog

Long Nose Dog

When you think of a dog with long nose , you probably picture a sleek-looking pup with puppy eyes and pointy ears. But that long snout of his also plays a key role in how these dogs hunt, track prey, and even sniff out drugs or explosives.

Most long-nosed breeds are sighthounds that rely on their sense of sight to catch their prey. But some, like the Borzoi, are also scenthounds who use their noses to smell out their prey. Long-nosed dogs, also called dolichocephalics, have skulls that are longer than they are wide. This makes them more aerodynamic and allows them to run faster than dogs with a narrower skull, or brachycephalic breeds.

Grooming Tips for Long-Nosed Dogs: Keeping Their Snouts Clean and Healthy

While many of these long-nosed dogs were bred for hunting, they can make a wonderful family pet as well. They tend to be calm and affectionate and are content to lounge on the couch with their families, as long as they get plenty of exercise. They may not be the best choice for young children, though, due to their strong chase instinct.

This breed is a sighthound that is a favorite among hunters because of its speed and ability to track prey. The Airedale Terrier is a confident, intelligent, and eager-to-learn canine that excels in agility, obedience training, tracking, circus performances, and K-9 work. It is also very social and bonds quickly with its humans.

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