Leo Horoscope Dates Range

Leo Horoscope Dates Range


leo horoscope dates range

If you’re reading this article, your Leo horoscope dates range is an important piece of your overall astrological future. The sign of Leo represents a unique combination of passion and intensity, and it is a sign that’s highly emotional and restless. Natives of this sign tend to be born leaders and aren’t content to settle for anything less than superhuman challenges. Although they are highly attractive, they also have fiery tempers and may be prone to melodrama.

If you’re a Leo, you’re likely to be successful in business. Your life history is extremely likely to indicate the potential for expansion, so if you’re a Leo, you may want to put your own esteem aside and focus on the project at hand.

People born under this sign have strong senses of identity and pride in their heritage. They are highly intelligent and capable communicators, but they can also be domineering. They should avoid wearing jewelry on their bodies, as it can reduce their sexual desire. A Leo’s unique abilities also enable them to enter new fields of expertise. They’ll be able to fit in wherever they’re needed.

A leo ascendant loves to be the center of attention. They’re also naturally attracted to people who like the spotlight. Leos also tend to be very generous. The new moon in leo on july 31st will bring solar fire and the start of a new lunar cycle. The eclipses can also bring twists and turns to your fate.

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