How to Locate a Pressure Point on Foot

How to Locate a Pressure Point on Foot

pressure point on foot

Pressure point on foot  are specific areas on the bottom of your feet that correspond with different organs, glands, and body systems. Stimulating these pressure points through massage, acupressure or reflexology is believed to promote relaxation and help reduce pain and tension throughout the entire body. Many practitioners believe that the pressure point at the base of the big toe is especially effective for relieving stress and anxiety.

To locate the big toe pressure point, bend your big toe down and slide a finger up from the webbing between the big and second toes until you feel an indentation (see number 5 on the illustration above). This point is thought to alleviate lumbar pain, headache, eye diseases, high blood pressure and diarrhea.

Foot Pressure Points: Unlocking the Secrets to Holistic Healing and Wellness

The LV 1 pressure point is located an inch below the corner of the big toe and the inner side of the ball of your foot, just underneath the toenail. It is said to relieve stomach aches and dizziness, as well as improve patience and mental stress.

You can stimulate these foot pressure points with your fingers or thumbs, or you can use a tool such as a massager gun or ball to better target the specific area. It is recommended to start off with light pressure and gradually increase over time. It is also important to avoid putting too much pressure on any of these foot points that are near the joints, as this could cause inflammation and discomfort.

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