How to Hire Appointment Setters

How to Hire Appointment Setters

Hire appointment setters is an important decision, as these sales specialists are instrumental in generating new business. Their responsibilities include creating a steady flow of opportunities for their assigned reps, establishing client relationships, and minimizing no-show rates. In order to ensure success, hiring managers must choose the right candidates with a variety of skills.

Efficient Appointment Setting Solutions: Hire Professional Experts

Evaluate Communication Skills

Appointment setters interact with prospective clients via phone calls and emails, so excellent written and verbal communication skills are essential qualifications for the job. These skills can be assessed during discussions or interviews early on in the recruitment process, or by examining an individual’s email correspondence.

Assess Objections and Concerns

A high-performing appointment setter can confidently address prospect objections, demonstrating empathy and persuasive communication. They can effectively position a company’s products or services as viable solutions for each prospect’s unique needs.


The fast-paced sales environment requires appointment setters to quickly adjust to varying prospects’ responses and product offerings. This agility enables them to build productive and positive client relationships.

Appointment setters can be compensated either on a pay-per-lead or hourly basis. Those on a pay-per-lead scheme earn a set amount for each qualified lead they generate, regardless of whether it leads to a sale. Those compensated on an hourly basis receive a base salary, plus performance bonuses and commissions as additional compensation. Regardless of the pay model, both options require strong time management skills. It is essential to clearly communicate expectations and goals to appointment setters, as this will enable them to perform their duties efficiently.

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