How to Create Custom Sticker Text on Gboard

How to Create Custom Sticker Text on Gboard

custom sticker text

custom stickers text

If you’re looking for a fun way to express yourself in your messages, or a way to share a story with friends and family, custom sticker text is the way to go. With Gboard’s new feature, you can create personalized stickers by typing what you want them to say – whether it’s a joke, support for your favorite team, or just total nonsense.

How to Create Custom Sticker Text

To get started, you’ll need to turn on stickers on your device. To do that, head to Settings > Emojis, Stickers & GIFs and toggle stickers on.

Once on, you can create stickers right in the conversation window, and even add multiple stickers to a single message. Once your sticker is ready, tap on the send icon to save it to your phone gallery or share it via Android’s native share interface.

Custom Text Decals for Businesses: A Marketing Tool You Should Consider

You can also use custom stickers in Figma’s desktop application. However, it’s recommended to export your sticker as a PNG file (which places it on an invisible background), so it will look its best in the application’s interface.

How to Publish Your Custom Sticker Conclusion: Once you’ve published your custom sticker, you can share it on Facebook or Instagram with a simple tap. Alternatively, you can send it as an image directly from the Messages app, or save it to your device gallery to use in other apps.

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