Get a Custom Defender 90 for the Ultimate Off-Road SUV

Get a Custom Defender 90 for the Ultimate Off-Road SUV

custom defender 90

Those who are looking for a classic custom defender 90 Land Rover SUV that can also be the envy of your friends will want to consider a custom defender 90. This upscale build will come with everything you need for the ultimate in luxury adventure, ranging from a swanky interior to premium audio systems.

Inside, the Defender is a smart mix of old-school ruggedness and classy aesthetics that strikes a perfect balance between function and form. The exposed screw heads and rough-hewn surfaces harken back to the original design, while the cabin has the latest technology and equipment you expect in a modern car.

It comes in a wide range of colors and options to match your personal taste. Choose from Fuji White, Eiger Grey, Santorini Black and heritage colors like Tasman Blue or Gondwana Stone.

Defender 90 Customization Ideas: How to Personalize Your Off-Road Beast

You can also opt for a variety of exterior color accents that are sure to turn some heads. These include a Gloss Black inset contrast hood and Gloss Black claddings on the front.

The nimble chassis of the Defender makes it a powerful and versatile off-roader, capable of taking on any challenge that your next big adventure might bring. It can seat up to 6 people, and you can customize the seating layout to fit your exact needs and passengers.

You can get a customized defender 90 for as low as $54,000. Some of these builds will require extensive work to fix up the mechanical components, but you can find plenty of high-end builders that have taken these cars and turned them into some of the best Defenders on the market. These include Chicago-based HHH Heritage, South Carolina-based Himalaya and Connecticut-based North America Overland, among others.

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