Derwent Pro Color Pencil Sets

Derwent Pro Color Pencil Sets

Colored crayon couleur pro are a great medium for creating detailed art or adding depth and texture to an artwork. A good colored pencil set can make it easier to create layers of color and blend them together to produce a beautiful result. It’s important to note that not all colored pencils are created equal and there are many different options available on the market. Professional-grade colored pencils are formulated with higher concentrations of pigment, have better lightfastness and core durability than student-grade pencils. They are often also soft and have a greater degree of color output, while still offering a good amount of control.

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Artist-grade pencils are also often available in larger sets than student-grade pencils, with 72 and 120 color options being fairly common. This is a significant difference as it means that more colors are available to the artist and that the pencils can be used to fill large areas with great color coverage. The softer cores of artist-grade colored pencils mean that they are also more likely to stay in a usable condition when sharpened and won’t break easily.

A new addition to the Derwent line is their Procolour colored pencils, which have been a huge hit amongst artists since their release. These are a happy medium between the firmer cores of the Derwent Artist pencils and the softer pencils of their Coloursoft range. The Procolour pencils allow for much more control and can be easily sharpened to a very fine point. They also have an excellent amount of color output and are fantastic for blending, especially when used with a blending pen or paper stump.

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