Custom Metal Fabricators

Custom Metal Fabricators

Several industrial units rely on custom metal fabrication services to produce industrial components. It is possible to order a one-off or a mass production of up to 2500 parts. Many businesses find that ordering directly from a fabricator helps to reduce overhead costs.

Is metal fabrication a good career?

The process of fabricating a part requires a variety of tools and equipment. Some of the common tools used include saws, presses and folding machines. Various shaping and cutting tools are also used during the machining process.

A common starting point for a custom fabrication is sheet metal. It comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. It can be used to make structural shapes such as pipes, hollow structural shapes with circular cross section, or prefabbed grating.

Custom metal fabricators use the top trending technologies to create a high quality product. They employ accurate designs, precise calculations, and meticulous manufacturing practices. This ensures that all parts are compatible and meet standards.

A good fabrication company will be able to provide you with all kinds of custom fabrication services. Some of these services include welding, grinding, drilling, machining, tube framing, punching, and laser cutting.

The amount of experience a fabricator has will influence the type of custom fabrication you decide to use. A fabricator with years of experience will be able to produce high-quality designs and save you time.

Another factor that will influence your decision is the service offerings of the fabrication company. Some companies offer heavy fabrication services, while others are mainly focused on private-label work. It is important to check online reviews to find out more about the company and the services they provide.

Carolina Fabricators, Inc.
3831 US-321
West Columbia, SC 29172
(803) 794-4906

CFI is a Custom Metal Fabricator, machining, and welding of products such as ASME certified pressure vessels, structural components, and modular systems.


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