CBD Oil Topical Use

CBD Oil Topical Use

cbd oil topical use

If you want a more targeted cbd oil topical use experience, topicals are a great option. They take advantage of your skin’s amazing ability to absorb. Your skin is filled with pores all over your body, and when you put something on it, your skin immediately starts to absorb it.

CBD can easily enter your bloodstream through the skin’s layers, and then your endocannabinoid system will start to interact with it at the corresponding area. This is how topical CBD products help ease the pain and inflammation caused by a number of different conditions, including psoriasis, dermatitis, and even burns.

A high-quality CBD topical should have a strong carrier agent that helps to evenly spread the cannabinoid across your skin and cling there long enough for it to work. Most often, the carrier agent will be alongside essential oils and other natural ingredients that also improve the effectiveness of the cream or salve.

CBD Oil Topical Use: The Science Behind Its Effectiveness for Pain Relief and Skincare

Once applied, the topical will likely take a few minutes to begin working. It may last up to an hour or more (everyone responds differently), and you can reapply it if needed.

The best CBD topicals are those with a high concentration of the cannabinoid, which will be clearly listed on the product’s label. For example, a Koi CBD gel roll-on has 1500mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract and a blend of 19 essential oils to deliver cooling natural relief for tired muscles and joints. You should always use a high-quality product, and make sure to do your research about the brand and their third-party testing processes.

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