Breathwork – What to Expect and How it Works

Breathwork – What to Expect and How it Works

breathwork session

Breathwork session is a form of meditation that uses the breath to bring you into a higher state of consciousness. It can help you connect with your body, intuition and soul to reduce stress, clear stagnation and develop deeper abundance in all areas of your life.

A Breathwork session is a guided process that combines active breathing techniques to release trauma, blockages and emotions in the body and soul. It reframes the nervous system’s response to traumatic events, unlocks the potential for greater clarity and healing at all levels of your being, and opens you up to creativity, freedom and peace.

The transformative power of breathwork: My journey through a session

A breathwork session is facilitated by a certified facilitator who guides the breather through active breathing techniques, often using guided imagery or music to help them go deeper into their bodies and their souls. The facilitator may also observe and provide feedback through touch, eye contact or other modalities to support the breather in their process.

What to Expect

Every breathwork session is different and will be experienced uniquely by each person. Some experiences include tingling, buzzing, warming or tightness in the body, feelings of energy flowing through the channels and meridians, downloads and insights.

How it Works

In a breathwork session, the facilitator and sitter will create a safe, supportive and sacred space. They will be clear about their role, what they are offering and how they will interact with the breather during the session.

While this practice is an effective and powerful way to heal, it is important to be aware of any risks before you begin. For example, anyone with a history of panic attacks or psychosis should not try this technique on their own. And anyone with high blood pressure or heart irregularities should avoid it as well.

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