Becoming a Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Becoming a Specialist Plastic Surgeon

A specialist plastic surgeon is an oral surgeon that specialises in cosmetic surgery. Surgeons who specialise in cosmetic surgery are able to perform cosmetic procedures that improve the appearance of your body by repairing or replacing facial deformities, improving the look of scars, correcting drooping eyelids, enhancing the breast size, repairing damage to the lower limbs, reducing the volume of lips, removing under-eye fat, and reshaping the nose. They can perform liposuction, too, as well as many other cosmetic procedures. Specialist plastic surgeons can perform cosmetic surgery alongside surgical techniques that improve the function and functionality of the patient’s body, such as removing a tummy tuck – find more info

Different types of surgery that a specialist plastic surgeon

Specialist Plastic Surgeon

There are several different types of surgery that a specialist plastic surgeon can perform. Some specialize in reconstructive surgery, which helps to restore or improve the physical appearance of someone who has suffered a disfiguring injury. A cleft lip palate is another example – a surgeon can perform a lipoplasty to correct an aesthetic problem with the shape and size of the palate. The nose may require reshaping, and a surgeon might choose to remove portions of it, realigning them, or enlarge the nasal septum (a septum is like a bridge, dividing the nose into two halves). Other cosmetic surgeries can be more complicated, involving the construction of a breast implant or repair of a hysterectomy, for example.

To become a specialist in cosmetic surgery, you will need to gain a medical degree, pass a board exam, and obtain at least five years of experience in performing the type of surgical procedure you wish to do. Although you may be under the care of a general practitioner, a specialist plastic surgeon can perform more complex surgical procedures, including breast reconstruction, tummy tuck surgery, or rhinoplasty. Although a specialist can charge more money for their services, they have the skills and training to provide the most superior care. After all, anyone can operate a screwdriver, but only the best medical professional can repair the screw when it gets out of whack.

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