Day: June 11, 2024

Magic Mushroom Dispensary Canada Opens in Kitchener


A new storefront in Kitchener has opened selling illegal magic mushrooms and psilocybin, which are both considered hallucinogens. Its owners risk a police raid and potential arrest, but the shop has already attracted plenty of customers. Source

The storefront, called FunGuyz, is one of many across the country that sells the drug without a permit. While Health Canada allows some people to legally buy the drugs if they’re part of a research study or have special permission from their doctor, most people who want psychedelics simply won’t go through the bureaucratic hassles.

That’s why there are more shops like FunGuyz popping up — there’s an increasing demand for the drugs, which have been shown to treat depression, anxiety, chronic pain and other conditions. But it’s a gray area, and the government has turned a blind eye to their rise.

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Psychedelics remain banned in Canada, but storefronts advertising the drug are popping up throughout downtown Toronto and Vancouver. Many operate in a legal grey area, and while some have been raided (see the video below), most police departments appear to have little interest in cracking down.

But some city councillors are starting to take notice. Last week, two Green party councillors out-voted a Vision majority to call on city staff to create a system for regulating the sale of magic mushroom products, just like what was done for cannabis sales in 2015. But the effort will require support from a third of the council’s wards to pass, and it’s unclear whether that’s possible.…

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