Day: September 1, 2023

Health Optimisation Devices For Chronic Heart Failure

Health Optimisation is a mindset that goes beyond preventive medicine and asks: “How can I become my best self?” Health Optimization encourages small changes that add up to move the needle from adequate health to good and even better, and ultimately to optimal, where you are operating at your highest level both physically and mentally.

In people with chronic heart failure (CHF), traditional treatments may not always improve symptoms. We developed the Optimizer Smart Mini device with Cardiac Contractility Modulation (CCM) therapy to help alleviate CHF symptoms. CCM therapy increases the strength of the heart’s contraction, allowing the heart to pump more blood and oxygen throughout the body Bud.

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The Optimizer Smart Mini is a minimally invasive implantable system that delivers CCM therapy. It consists of an implantable stimulation device, about the size of a pacemaker, and an external charger that charges it one hour per week. The device can be used for up to 20 years without needing replacement.

Impulse Dynamics is committed to helping patients with chronic heart failure lead a more active life. The Optimizer Smart and Optimizer Smart Mini devices with CCM therapy are designed to help diminish the symptoms of CHF so that patients can return to doing their favorite activities, such as playing with their grandkids or taking their family for a walk, without feeling they need to take a break.

The Optimizer Smart and Optimizer Smart Mini with CCM therapy have been shown to significantly improve the 6-minute hall walk distance, quality of life, and functional status in patients with NYHA Class III heart failure who remain symptomatic despite guideline-directed medical therapy, are not candidates for cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) and have left ventricular ejection fractions (LVEF) of 25% or less.

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