1970s Jagur Guitars

1970s Jagur Guitars

1970s Jagur

When it comes to 1970s Jagur  , the XJ12 is the car that put Sir William Lyons’ Jaguar name on the map. Designed to replace the aging Mark 2 Jaguar saloon range the XJ12 was capable of 150mph and 60 mph in under seven seconds. It was also the most luxurious production four-seater car in the world.

The svelte and elegant design made the Jaguar a cult guitar in its own right. The XJ12 was the first Jaguar to be fitted with independent rear suspension and was widely regarded as one of the best saloon cars of all time.

Jaguar in the ’70s: Evolution and Innovations of a Luxury Brand

Despite its comparatively short run (a 13-year jag tenure, compared to the nearly 20-years of the Jazzmaster and 14-of-the-15 years for the Telecaster and Stratocaster) the Jaguar became an essential part of surf music and rockabilly. The British Invasion wiped surf out of the charts and pushed the Jag to secondary status but sales were still healthy enough for CBS-era Fender to continue manufacturing them through 1975.

Squier’s Classic Vibe ’70s Jaguar solidbody electric guitar delivers the ultimate in Jag-style playing comfort and tone. Its lightweight, offset-waist body and easy-playing 24″ scale deliver a distinctive look that’s eye-catching and comfortable. And with its dual-circuit switching and controls, floating vibrato bridge and a pair of Fender Designed ’70s Jaguar single-coils, it’s a lead instrument you can really dig your teeth into. A 9.5″ radius Indian laurel fingerboard and 6105 Narrow Tall frets make high-speed runs a breeze.

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